New student

Lolland International School admits students from the entire Lolland Municipality and to a certain extent also from a larger geographical area.


The school covers Year 0 - 9, divided into 5 grades:

  • Year 0 - 1
  • Year 2 - 3 
  • Year 4 - 5 
  • Year 6 - 7
  • Year 8 - 9

The school has a capacity of approximately 100 students.

Who can become a student?

The law on international primary and lower secondary schools stipulates that more than half of the school's students must be from families where one or both parents have an international background.

Danish students are also welcome if there are spaces available.

The school's admission criteria will be decided by Lolland Municipality City Council during the spring. You can keep up to date on this website, where more information will be available.

Are you interested?

If you would like to have your child enrolled at Lolland International School, please contact the school.

You and your child will subsequently be invited to an interview with the head of the school, where you can visit the school and together evaluate whether the international offer is the right solution for you and your child.