Learning Danish

Lolland Language School is a public language school with departments in Nakskov and Maribo. With ten experienced teachers and over 300 students spread over more than 30 nationalities, we welcome you to join a thriving and friendly study environment.

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The Danish Language Education programs 1, 2 and 3

Danish Education 1 is primarily aimed at students, who cannot read nor write in their mother tongue, and at Latin illiterates who have not yet mastered the European writing system.

Danish Education 2 is aimed at people with a short school and educa-tional background from their home country.

Danish Education 3 is aimed at students with a medium length to long educational background. It could be a vocational education, a high school education or a higher education. This Danish education also has a focus on students who want to study further in Denmark.

Read more about the 3 Danish Educations (ug.dk) (in Danish)

How to get started

To be enrolled on a Danish course at Lolland Language School, please contact Lolland Jobcenter for a referral letter. All you need is a Danish CPR number and a postal address in Denmark registered with Folkeregistret. When we have received your referral, you will be invited for an admittance interview. Here you will receive further information about the Danish Education Program, where we can decide on which Danish Education and module you can start on.

Depending on your premise of residence in Denmark, you may be asked to pay a deposit of 2000 DKK. You will receive further information about this at the admittance interview. It takes an aver-age of 2 years to complete a full Danish education.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us on telephone no. 54 67 73 03 or via our e-mail: sprogskole@lolland.dk

We look forward to finding a solution tailor made for your needs!