School Board

Call for nominations

There are five parent seats on the school board with up to five substitutes. Anyone can run! If you have a child enrolled at the school, you can run for election to the school board.

Nominations are open! If you would like to run for a seat on the school board, you are encouraged to nominate yourself at the annual general meeting (AGM) on 16th May 2024 where you have an opportunity to present yourself and your motivations for sitting on the school board.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, but wish to nominate, you must inform the principal, Dom Maher (via Aula or email: by 15th May 2024.


30th April- announcement of school board elections

16th May- School board’s AGM/call for nomination

16th May- Peaceful election (if possible)

3-7 June- Ballot voting period (if required)

10 June- Results announced on Aula

1 August- New school board established


You can read the full rules and guidelines for school board elections here. (pdf)


The current school board- parent and staff representatives.


Below are the agenda and minutes from School Board meetings from August 2023-

15th August 2023 (pdf)

26th September 2023 (pdf)

7th November 2023 (pdf)

30th January 2024 (pdf)

16th March 2024 (pdf)

23rd April 2024 (pdf)


School board principles

What is a principle? 

One of the major tasks for the school board is to discuss and decide on key principles for the school which highlight the attitudes and values that are important, and unique, to our school community.

"Principles are a collection of basic ideas that contain the envisioned direction of the school." (Source: Ministry of Education)

The school board and principles (pdf)

Principle for healthy habits (pdf)

Principle for communicaiton (pdf)

Principle for cultural competancy (pdf)

Principle for civilized language (pdf)


Below are the minutes from schoolboard meetings from August 2022 - June 2023:

24th January 2023 (pdf)

17th August 2022 (pdf)

13th September 2022 (pdf)

8th November 2022 (pdf)

24th January 2023 (pdf)

7th March 2023 (pdf)

25th May 2023 (pdf)

6th June 2023 (pdf)

Below are the minutes from schoolboard meetings from August 2021 - June 2022

9th September 2021 (pdf)

6th October 2021 (pdf)

3rd November 2021 (pdf)

8th December 2021 (pdf)

2nd February 2022 (pdf)

16th March 2022 AGM (pdf)

4th May 2022 (pdf)

1st June 2022 (pdf)