Lots of Questions!

Our students had lots of questions when the police and SSP visited 👮‍♂️✨
SSP, the collaborative effort between schools, social authorities, and police, aims to prevent crime among children and young people. During their visit, a police officer and a spokesperson from SSP meet with Grade 1 to Grade 9 to speak about important topics such as community interaction and the consequences of shoplifting. 🏫🤝
They also joined our students during break time, answering questions and engaging in meaningful conversations. This visit helped our students understand the strong partnership between the school and the police/SSP, and it showed them that the police are here to support and protect us. 🚓💬
A big thank you to the police and SSP for their visit and for showing our students the positive impact of community collaboration! Together, we are fostering a safe and supportive environment for all. 💙