Meet us

School Administration

Dominic Maher

Dom is the founding principal employed in January 2021. He has over twenty-five years in education, as a teacher and school leader, having previously been involved in opening, running and developing schools in Denmark and Australia.

“Lolland International School is all about connecting with the community, being curious and building resilience. Our goal is to support children to become active participants in their learning by engaging in critical thinking and problem solving every day while collaborating and communicating with others. As a school we must integrate the sustainability development goals into the learning. In order for these young people to solve the challenges the world is facing, they need to understand what these challenges are.”  

Read more about Dominic Maher in the Lolland Municipality press release December 11, 2020.

Karina Hampe

Karina joins Lolland International School from 1st of April 2021 as School secretary/Enrolment Officer. From her past experience as a tour guide in Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, and China, Karina has gained great insights and understanding of cultural differences.

Karina has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and administration and has been self-employed for several years.

"To be part of an international environment, where community, resilience, curiosity, and trust are some of the school’s values which contribute to form the complete individual, is for me the joy of going to work. Through the close relationship and cooperation with families and students, I am always ready to help.

I am looking forward to welcoming future families and students to Lolland International School."

Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen

Jannie is the project manager and will initially work with the international school. Jannie brings international HR and consulting experience from Novo Nordisk as well as postings in Asia, where she has, among other things, contributed to building an international school. Moreover, Jannie is behind the network "Here We Are Global" which aims to create professional opportunities for accompanying partners.

“ Supporting the build-up of Lolland International School speaks to me in so many ways. For organisations in the region, the option to have international schooling is a valuable asset in attracting employees and families to Denmark and the Lolland-Falster area. As a repat and mother of three, I have experienced first-hand how an international school experience can impact a child for life. The combination of a global and Danish model for education is for me the perfect match: preparing students for meaningful engagement in the world, backed by a local community of globally-minded people and institutions sharing a development mindset.”

Thomas Knudsen Mulhern

Thomas is the external consultant and has been part of shaping Lolland International School from its very initial phase.

"As CEO of Globally Local, my mission is to help make Denmark a more dynamic and inclusive place to live and work. I believe to do this we need to create a society where Danes and Expats can inspire each other in order to help Denmark reach its full potential.

As an international leader in Copenhagen, I created the first fully Danish/English bilingual school program in Denmark, where we were able to succeed in creating a hybrid culture where authentic integration was possible for Expat and Global Danish families and authentic internationalisation was possible for Danes seeking a more global approach.

I myself am a Danish-American who was born and raised in the United States. I am married to a Dane and as a father to a Danish/American daughter.

I am truly grateful to be working with Lolland Municipality in creating Denmark´s first ever international public school.  I have seen first-hand the courage and commitment undertaken by the municipality to bring this vision into reality.  My team and I will continue to do all we can to ensure this school is a success and thereby continue to make Denmark a more open and inclusive place to live and work for all."



Board of Directors

Lolland International School will, like the other public schools in Lolland Municipality, have a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will be formed when the school opens in 2021.


The school’s teachers will be hired in the spring of 2021.