Mission and values


Lolland Municipality decided to establish a public international school because it is expected that many international families will be moving to the region in the coming years. Many of these new families will move to Lolland due to the construction of the tunnel link across the Fehmarnbelt. This is expected to add more than 5,000 extra jobs to the area per year.

Many of the foreign employees are expected to bring their family to Denmark, and here the school can help to ensure that the family's children can receive a quality education in an international environment.

The school can also help create new communities across the international and Danish families, ensure successful integration and open up new opportunities in our local community.


In partnership with the students, parents, employees, and school board: we will provide high quality, bilingual education for international and internationally minded families.



We are a public school… where every person is seen, heard, and respected as a unique human being. We provide quality education in a Danish setting. We provide a safe and healthy learning environment where freedom, equity, ethics and democracy are not only an objective but are also visibly rooted in our pedagogical practices. We challenge all students to have the courage to try and to fail so that they can learn from the experience.

We are an international school… that values diversity, and respects all cultures and lifestyles. All are a hub for families and welcome everyone that share our international mindset. We provide a balanced, interconnected international and national curriculum. We support all students so that the can progress academically, creatively and socially. We believe students can reach their full potential and become compassionate, active global citizens.

We are a community school… that thinks globally but acts locally through connecting with the local community in innovative, sustainable projects. We will trust each other and look after the health and well-being of ourselves, and those around us. We will foster the students’ academic and learning skills and prepare them for further study and careers in Denmark and abroad.



Our school values are an integral part of who we are and that we believe are important. Values have a major influence on a person's behavior and attitude. Every day and every moment they serve as broad guidelines in all situations in guiding us in the choices we make and the actions we take.


Community - ‘sharing, working and learning together’. We are diverse people linked by a common perspective, engaging in joint action to make a positive difference.

Resilience - ‘we are brave when faced with challenges’.  We work hard, take care of ourselves and those around us, and bounce back from failure.

Curiosity - ‘being interested and engaged in learning new things’. Using our thinking skills to be creative and critical.


As a school community, we embrace a partnership of lifelong learning to be able to contribute as a global citizen in the community and in the future complex and changing world.


Lolland International School works on the basis of Lolland Municipality's four overall values: competence, fairness, trust and openness.

For further reading,please see the website of Lolland Municipality

Furthermore, the school works on the basis of the municipality's coherent children's policy and general strategies in the school area.

To read more about schools and education in Lolland Municipality please see this link



The focus is on the students

At Lolland International School, our main interest are the students. It must be inspiring, challenging and educational to be a student with us, and we have an ongoing strong focus on ensuring that all students get the best possible schooling.

At the school, we will, among other things, work to develop learning environments that can strengthen the students’ curiosity, desire to explore the world and the joy of learning something new. There is a focus on acknowledgement and on guiding and motivating students to learn and develop - both academically and socially.