Teaching goals

In the law of the Municipal International Basic Schools, it is recommended to follow the common goals and curiculum plans of the Ministry of Children and Education for those subjects that are taught in Danish. Moreover, the plan is to follow the common goals of the Cambridge International Education for the subjects taught in English.

For more detailed information on the Cambridge model, please consult the Cambridge Assessment website.

Interdisciplinary teaching

We work interdisciplinary whenever it is possible and relevant. We also work across those subjects which are taught in Danish and English, respectively. This creates variation in teaching.

We also like to go on field trips and excursions and also to involve the school's local community in our everyday lives.

Lower Primary (Indskolingen)

Our Lower Primary covers Year 0 - Year 3. The focus is to stimulate the students’ love of learning and they will learn the most basic skills, for example reading and mathematics. 

Upper Primary (Mellemtrinnet)

Upper Primary covers Year 4 - Year 6.

Teachers and students spend their time developing and improving on the knowledge gained in lower primary.

The students will have more new subjects and are taught to be more independent, for example in groups.

The goal here is to prepare the students to be able to move into Secondary.

Secondary (Udskolingen)

The secondary department at Lolland International School continues to follow both the Danish model as well as that of the Cambridge model.

The subjects taught in Danish will follow the Danish curiculum leading up to the FP9 exam in Danish.

The students will continue to follow the Cambridge curriculum lending to exams in  Mathematics, English and Science.

Students will also take the high school enterance test, known as optagelseprøve in Danish, if the pupil is seeking further staudy at a Danish gymnasium or IB school.

The examinations will be taken at the end of Year 9.