Student Wellbeing

Lolland International School takes a whole school approach to student wellbeing, and the prevention and dealing with bullying.

The schools staff have taken training from Skolestyrken, a cooperation between Mary Fonden, Save the Children, and Børnes Vilkår.

Relationship is most important for the promotion of wellbeing and bullying prevention. Staff promote and teach strategies so that children feel welcomed and safe at school. If incidents occur, efforts are made to resolve the conflict through mediation between the students, or other resolution methods. Parents are informed of the incident by phone or mail and will perhaps be invited to a follow-up meetings.

Does you child need help?

Contact the class teacher, or for anonymous advice:

  • The children's helpline (BørneTelefonen): Call, sms: 116111. Chat:
  • Head Space:, Dronningensgade 10B, 4800 Nykøbing Falster, call: 81417478
  • Lolland Kommune Child Services (Børne, Unge of Familie): 54676767.

Bullying prevention and response strategy

Anyone can report bullying, and by law, the school must take action to stop the bullying immediately, followed by action plans.If

If parent or guardian is not satisfied with the school’s action, or lack of action, they may complain to the National Complaints Board Against Bullying (Den nationale klageinstans mod mobning: who will review the case.

Physical violence and verbal abuse

If violence or verbal abuse occurs between students, all efforts are always made to de-escalate the conflict, the students are separated and cared for. A leader or teacher will listen to each child and contact the parents. If necessary, a parent may be asked to collect the child from school. The parents of all those involved are invited to a meeting where the parties will be informed about consequences and/or support that is available through various municipal services. It is always the parents' decision whether to report to the police. The school might also involve the police or SSP, if deemed necessary.

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