After School Programme

Boys playing role play outside
Outdoor roleplay at the SFO

Lolland Municipality offers an After School Programme for students in Grade 0 - 3 from Lolland International School. The programme will be in collaboration with the local 'SFO' at Blæsenborgskolen.

In Danish, SFO is 'skolefritidsordning' - a place for children to play, explore and be creative with friends in a stimulating environment. Guided by adults specifically trained in child development, children are offered a wide range of activities. These include role play, arts and crafts, Lego, gaming, and many more which include lots of outside play.

Søtrolden is situated next to the golf course in Maribo with spacious green areas around the vibrant building that also houses a public school, a kindergarten and educational/day care offers for children with special needs.

Opening hours

Monday- Friday 6:30-8:00

Monday Thursday 13:30-16:45

Friday 13:30-16:00

During school holidays 6:30 -16:45 (Friday until 16:00)

Everyday life

Children attending Lolland International School will have morning care provided at the school from 6:30 am until the school day starts. Breakfast will include the following options: cornflakes, milk, buns, rye bread, crispbread, butter, cheese, jam, cream cheese, honey and tea.

When students are finished with their school day, they will be accompanied to the SFO by an adult. We will offer a small afternoon meal each day; such as crispbread, fruit or soup. After snack time, the day's activities will begin.

For information on fees and how to sign up please contact us or learn more during the initial meeting with us as part of the admission process.

Children swings at the SFO
Children swings at the SFO