What happends after Grade 9?

Here you get an overview of the various study options after Grade 9.

After finishing at LIS, you can continue in various youth education programs. One can continue in international education, go to a Danish high school/gymnasium, take a ”10th class” or go into vocational/trade training.

Model of exam and further study

Gymnasium (STX, HTH, HHX, HF)

A Gymnasium education (Danish high school/upper secondary) is a continuation of schooling that gives you access to university and other higher education. One can choose between HTX, HHX, STX (three-year programs) and HF (which lasts 2-3 years). Some gymnasiums, such as our neighbour Maribo Gymnasium, offer ’international lines’ with up to 50% English.

The difference between the programs consists of, among other things, the choice of subjects and thus also which university or higher education courses you can go on to study.

Applying to gymnasium is through an entrance exam called ‘optagelsesprøve’ and applications need to be registered on optagelse.dk by 1st March.

Read more about Danish gymnasium (ug.dk in Danish).

Pre-IB and International Baccalaureate

Continuing studying in English with a program offered in over 100 countries. Students enter a three-year program (pre-IB plus two-year IB diploma). The courses give access to university and other higher education.

Applying to an IB school is done directly to the school you want by the 1st March. Here is a list of IB Schools in Denmark (ib-skoler.dk). Some are free public high schools, some offer boarding, and some are private schools. Check each school to learn more about what they offer.

There is also the option of going to a Danish-French Baccalaureate (DFB), a European Baccalaureate (EB), or a Danish-German matriculation (DIAP) school.

10th Class

If you are not ready to choose youth education right after the Grade 9, there are other schools that can help prepare you for further education.

You can choose to continue in 10th class or 10.klasse, where you can focus on Danish before transitioning to a vocational education or high school/gymnasium. Read more about the 10th class (ug.dk in Danish).

You apply digitally, via optagelse.dk before the 1st March.


Efterskoler are Danish boarding schools where students study the 10th class program. However, at these schools you live at the school while immersing yourself in practical, sporting, creative or musical subjects alongside the regular school subjects. Read more about Efterskole (ug.dk in Danish). Applications are directly to the efterskole you want.


Vocational education (EUD) and EUX

There are over 100 different vocational and trade courses (EUD). What they all have in common is that you become an apprentice and work in a specific vocation or trade.

You also combine vocational training and high school by applying to EUX.

Applying to either program is either through an entrance exam called optagelseprøve or through interview. Application deadlines is the 1st March.

You can read more about how to get started, what it's like to go on a vocational training and what you can become at - vocational training (ug.dk in Danish)

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