Support us - and join the journey

As the first public international school in Denmark, Lolland International School is an example of how we in Lolland Municipality invest in the future. We are building a school for the benefit of local companies and employees. A school to attract and retain new families. A hub for Danish and international citizens to meet and enrich each other. Last but not least, a school in which every child receives a high-quality, international education.

If you please, it is now possible to join the journey and make your mark on the school's everyday life, physical appearance and the experiences, we create together.  It is possible to contribute to e.g:  

  • Our summer programme: Tours and outdoor activities
  • Our aspiration to bring nature into the school: Plant boxes and plants
  • Our book corner: Furniture, books, games and more
  • Our music and art: Instruments, decorations, learning activities with local artists
  • Student exchange: student culture and language trips abroad

We are working on establishing a support association for the school during the first school year as well as an Advisory Board. Until then, you are welcome to contact the school to learn more about the various options for contributing to the development of the school.

Kindly note that any donations/gifts will be handled in adherence with the applicable guidelines for donations to Danish municipalities.