Summer Programme

Children running inside a school
Summer programme at Lolland International School

Summer Programme 

Lolland International School invited students to attend our Summer Programme during the summer of 2021

A unique opportunity to meet new friends from around the world where children got a taste of the school's international environment, met other students and tried their hand at a bilingual everyday life. Our programme is unique in that all children are immersed in a bilingual experience that promotes language acquisition through activity content.

The programme has focus on Danish and English language development, sports, cooking, and cultural excursions. Our unique bilingual programme is designed to encourage personal growth and allow children to develop specific abilities, while being in a bilingual immersion environment throughout the duration of the programme.

The programme is also designed to allow parents the opportunity to have their children make the most of their summer in a safe and unique environment. It is our view that diversity with relation to language and culture can be a catalyst for positive development. We are doing everything in our power to encourage positive communication and solidarity between all participants, both in play and learning.

Everyone is welcome - even students who have not yet signed up for the school. You can therefore use the summer programme to try out whether Lolland International School is the right choice. 

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 For all children who have completed grade 0 up to and including grade 6.