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Five amazing benefits of a bilingual education

Are the benefits of bilingual education worth it? Is sending your child to a bilingual school going to pay off in the end?

Your child’s education, whether it be monolingual or bilingual, is one of the most important decisions to make and there many things to consider. There are many advantages of bilingual education. The most obvious is the gift of a second language, but below are five benefits of bilingual education.

Benefits of bilingual education model

1. Cognitive benefits of a bilingual education

A bilingual education can strengthen the executive function of the brain. In fact, research shows that because bilingual students are able to use two languages at the same time, switching consistently, it develops skills for functions such as inhibition, code switching, and working memory. As such, students who are being educated bilingually, often perform better on tasks which require multi-tasking, decision making, and problem solving.

Go the research on NCBI.

2. Better results

Children from bilingual schools often perform better in exams. Research from McGill University in Canada, shows that students score the same or higher in exams after having gone to a bilingual school compared to those that stayed in the first language school. Furthermore, a child has more choices when it comes to choosing further education due to a broader choice of courses. In addition, they are more likely to participate in semesters abroad, or an exchange programme where they can study in another country immersed in the culture.

3. A bilingual education broadens career opportunities

Being fluent in an extra language can make a candidate stand out among prospective employers. It also opens doors to extra opportunities that those without these skills may miss-out on. In today’s growing global economy, many international companies are increasingly searching for employees who are bilingual.  Those with a bilingual education have the advantage.

4. Children with a bilingual education are more adaptable

Language isn’t just about learning sets of words and grammar, it is also learning about culture.  A major advantage of attending a bilingual school is that you get to meet with people from different backgrounds. Learning about other cultures is important for children and helps them to understand the world around them. It helps them to grow up more open minded and accept differences.

5. Stronger family connection

By looking outward, children are better at looking inwards. Children that have received a bilingual education have a deeper understanding of their own language and culture as they have had opportunities to compare and contract against another.

Are the benefits of bilingual education worth it?

Definitely! As you have read, there are numerous advantages and benefits of bilingual education, and children will certainly have an advantage in life-long learning by being educated through two languages.

First School Board

Lolland International School now has its own school board. Last May, a call for nominations to those interested to sit on the school board was made, and the response was outstanding, double the number needed were interested. This was a fantastic response and is not usually the case for schools. A great sign of the enthusiasm and willingness of parents to be involved. As a result, elections were held at the end of August with five parents being elected to the board and those not elected are acting as substitutes. All those that expressed interest, plus the two staff representatives, attended a training course to learn about the function and work of a school board. It was the first time this course was run in English.

The school board had had its first official meeting in September where, Candice Progler-Thomsen, was elected as chairperson. The next meeting will be on the 6th October which will include another ‘first’ for the school where the two student representatives will attend and present. Among other things, the board is now to define principles for Lolland International School and establish an annual wheel to ensure continuing oversight of the school’s budget and operations

The school and the school board are looking forward to a great collaboration.

Take a look at the School Board at 

SFO- before and after school programme

Before and after school care options for the younger classes are available every day. In the morning there are currently only two to three children being cared for. The children are playing cards, games, tablefootball or do some creative activities. The pedagogue in the morning is also reading books for them. 

In the afternoon there is up to 10 children. Here they receive some fruit followed by play or creative activities.  After this they walk to Blæsenborg SFO where the children are so comfortable that it takes but a moment for them to settle in. The children love to share what they are doing with everyone else at school. The children look very happy about being a part of the SFO, both in the mornings and afternoons. As we move into colder, wetter weather the children will begin to take the bus with the pedagogue to Blæsenborg in the afternoon.

Current and upcoming activities

  • Right now, the children are involved in an Autumn Theme with leaves, berries, moss, little branches and other materials from nature. These things are used for decorating and making art.
  • In a few weeks, Halloween will be upon us and the children are going to make pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and so on in cardboard and other materials. 
  • The last week of November, we will be decorating the school, ready for Christmas.

Welcome September

All over Denmark a myriad of events were organised in September by municipalities and contributors to welcome internationals. Lolland International School took part in the campaign by hosting an Open House on 10 September. Neighbours, visitors, students, staff and parents enjoyed the afternoon with plenty of fun activities for all. Mayor, Holger Schou Rasmussen and Principal at Maribo Gymnasium, Michael Levy Bruus, greeted all guests and shared how the international school fits into the wider picture of Lolland as an attractive place to live and work.

See pictures here from Open House on our website.