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The school has had a very successful start with twice the number of students as expected. Enrolment has gone through two fases. The first was the initial offer of a place where all those families that attended our virtual meeting earlier this year were offered a place. The second phase started in May where families are placed into one of two groups.

Group 1 are families that are new to Denmark for the purposes of work. This group receive priority enrolment and are the target group for the school as described in the KIG law and the schools by-laws. This group must be the majority.

Group 2 is basically everyone else; mixed families, permanent residents, repats and Danish.

The chart below shows the size of each group currently. As you can see Group 2 is the larger group, therefore any further enrolments for Group 2 is closed for the remainder of the school year. Any interested families that fall into Group 2 are still offered an interview and may apply to be on a waiting list.

Student Target Group. Group 1: 36 %, group 2: 64%

In the meantime, and new arrivals to Denmark will continue to be offered a place.

Follow the link if you would like til know more about the enrolment policies at Lolland International school

Your input on international life in Lolland

How was your experience moving to Lolland as an international? What is the good life for you here?

These themes will be at the core of an inspirational morning - ‘focus group style’ - where you can share your experiences and expectations with International Consultant, Julia Böhmer, and Project Manager, Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen. The session takes place on 24 November from 8.30-11.00 at Jernbanegade 7 and will feed in to the further development of Lolland as an international hub. If interested kindly contact Julia via email:

Learn more about initiatives for international citizens at the website New to Lolland (

Collecting testimonials

Being a new school it is important for us to share news about the development of the school and the everyday life as experienced by students, parents and staff. To this end, we welcome your testimonials for our webpage along the lines of e.g:

  • What made you choose Lolland International School for your child/children? 
  • How is the bi-lingual education beneficial for your child/children? 
  • What is your overall experience with Lolland International School? 

If interested, please reach out to Dom Maher for further guidance (send e-mail)

Håndværk og Design

Håndværk og Design is a subject that teaches children knowledge and skills in crafts, processing, materials and design processes through practical work with different crafts, primarily in textiles, wood and metal. At Lolland International School this is taught in Danish from Grade 2-9. In this subject, the students must, through practical and sensory experiences, develop competencies to design, manufacture and evaluate products with aesthetic, functional and communicative value. The subject strengthens the students' innovative and entrepreneurial competencies taking an idea through to a finished product at an age appropriate level.

As an example, recently Class B made an underwater scene by printing on fabric. Additional materials to use as coral, fish or seaweed were collected on a nature walk. Another example of the learning experience in this subject was an excursion to Maribo Craft Days where children got to see and experience weaving as well as visiting the new forest troll in Maribo.

You can see more about Håndvæk og Design and other subjects through our social media pages:


On Friday the 29th November, the school enthusiastically jumped in to all thing Halloween. The day began with a morning assembly. Children sang some spooky themed songs in Danish and English before seeing a fabulous performance by the boys in Class B.

The day continued with a rotation of activities that involved creative and active tasks. The best part for most was the Halloween cake buffet. Thank you to all those that prepared a ‘horrible’ treat for the children. Everyone involved really enjoyed the day.

A generous donation

Students at the school piano

A huge show of support from a generous citizen in Lolland. A 10,000 kr donation was received from a member of the public (not from the school) and the money was put towards the school piano.

As the first public international school in Denmark, Lolland International School is an example of how we in Lolland Municipality invest in the future. We are building a school for the benefit of local companies and employees. A school to attract and retain new families. A hub for Danish and international citizens to meet and enrich each other. Last but not least, a school in which every child receives a high-quality, international education.

If you please, it is now possible to join the journey and make your mark on the school's everyday life, physical appearance and the experiences, we create together.  It is possible to contribute to e.g:  

  • Our trips, tours and outdoor activities
  • Our aspiration to bring nature into the school: Plant boxes and plants
  • Our book corner: Furniture, books, games and more
  • Our music and art: Instruments, decorations, learning activities with local artists
  • Student exchange: student culture and language trips abroad

Kindly note that any donations/gifts will be handled in adherence with the applicable guidelines for donations to Danish municipalities.

If you are interesting in supporting us on the journey through making a donation or contributing to the school in other ways, please contact the school.

Support us
The Good life

Perhaps you are reading this from outside of Denmark, or perhaps you might know someone interest in learning more about our beautiful region, then please read and share this article from The Local titled: 

The little Known Danish region offering international families the good life.