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Welcome to Formation. A newsletter for all those interested in learning more and following along with the development of Lolland International School.

Why is this newsletter called Formation? This name has different meanings and uses that connect with us as a school. First of all the Danish word ‘Dannelse’ is a powerful word and very important to the Danish culture. The translation of this word into English is formation. Secondly, school is much more than just learning content, school is about relationships, building character and challenging oneself, in one word - formation. Finally, if you take a closer look at our school logo and that of Lolland Kommune, you will see seven wild graylag geese (grågåsen) flying in their iconic v-formation. They are moving forward, which is what we want for our students as they learn.

Speaking of geese, we can lean many things about cooperation and teamwork from these birds:

First of all the v-formation provides lift for their fellow geese, which allows them to fly further with less effort. It takes more effort to fly alone. At Lolland International School, we will give our students a common goal that they can reach. To achieve this goal, it is much more efficient and effective if the students work together. Therefor cooperation is an important skill to develop for school and for their future careers.

Geese also support each other when times are tough. They will fall out of formation to stay with the injured goose. We want to develop a classroom environment where students support and encourage each other in their learning. Together the class can find creative solutiuons for the problem they need to solve.

Geese also cheer on each other. You can clearly hear geese honking as they fly overhead. Sciences speculate that this is a way to communicate and encourage the flock on their long flights. Communication, positive feedback and targets for improvement are vital for students to keep moving forward. These words and actions of encouragement can come from their parents, teachers and classmates.

Finally, geese are loyal, they return to the same areas each year as they migrate. As young goslings grow, they learn from the older members of the flock, and in turn maintain the purpose and goal of the flock. As a new school, we need to develop the culture and community in and around our school and encourage the students to share their experiences and stories, build friendships and become loyal to each other. This will create a safe learning environment for all.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter.


Dom Maher



Our school values will become an integral part of who we are. This issue will focus on the value of Community.

We are members of many communities through the people we know, the hobbies that interest us, the places we live, and the things we have in common. This idea of community will have a very important place here at Lolland International School. People joining our school will have many things in common that will bind us together and that network of friends and sources of information is important. However, it is also important that we connect outwards to the winder community. We will need to connect with clubs, associations, businesses, institutions and many other groups in Maribo and Lolland if we are to make the most of this value.

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