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This is the second edition our monthly newsletter. The goal is to keep our families, community partners and others, up to date on the news and development of Lolland International School.

Starting from Scratch

“To start or embark on something from the very beginning without advantage.”

That is somewhat we are doing here at Lolland International School. We are starting from the beginning. We are Denmark’s first public, international school and the first school to operate under the KIG law. We are unique in this situation, as no other school in Denmark is like ours. We are starting from scratch, but we are definitely not doing this alone and we have many advantages.

The first advantage we have being a new school is the spirit that come with starting something new. All the staff, and soon the students, will feel our spirit of adventure. We are pioneers and this creates a wonderful feeling in and around the school, as we are all new, excited, and willing to jump in and create our own school culture and traditions. These will be formed from both our Danish and multi-national cultures, from the principles behind modern education ( and the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Our second advantage is that we are not alone. We will be a small school but we have huge support. We are a part of the public schools organisation in Lolland Municipality, which means we have a large number of people and groups supporting us throughout our development and in to our future. We have ongoing cooperation with the public library, the language school, music school, sports and swimming centres, and Søtrolden SFO, to name a few. In addition, we receive support from specialists within the municipality, such as, finance, legal, pedagogical and communication advice. We look forward to a close relationship with our neighbours, Maribo Skole and Maribo Gymnasium. Finally, there is great local support and we have started to receive donations from businesses and corporations.

Much has been happening over the past six months, such as, the renovations to our school building, employment of staff, and perhaps the most important, the enrolment of 51 excited children ready to start school on the 9th August. You can read more about this below. However, as a start-up school, somethings might not be in place, for example, we expect the delivery of student laptops to be delayed, and we should expect some trial-and-error developing routines. Patience and trust in the process will be required by all.

Enjoy this edition, our next edition will come out in August. 

Dom Maher


Our school values will become an integral part of who we are. This issue will focus on the value of resilience.

Resilience is described as the ability to bounce back from difficulties, a form of mental toughness. We live in a world with many challenges, and when one does not have the sufficient resources to cope, it can lead to anxiety or other forms of mental health concerns. Therefore, at LIS we will use resilience as a synonym for all things to do with one’s own well-being. It is important to look after ourselves, make healthy choices, and foster a safe learning environment, while still allowing children to takes chances, especially in their learning. We will all experience necessary failures and set-backs, and it is vital to develop the skills to bounce back from errors and disappointment stronger and more knowledgeable than ever.

To achieve this the students will need positive relationships to their learning, with their teachers and with their peers. Classrooms will need to be a place where mistakes are valued as these are opportunities to learn. Teachers and pedagogues will needs to know the children well and teach the children strategies to navigate social, playground, or online challenges. As a school, we will survey, implement programmes relating to student wellbeing and protective behaviours, and support students.

Most importantly, we need a connection between school and home built on communication, trust and mutual respect. Here at LIS we look forward to building this relationship.

A first time for everything

Building on the theme from Dom’s introduction, LIS will have many ‘firsts’. Recently the very first parent information evening was held at the school, with those still abroad attending online. It was excellent to have so many people together. The parents were introduced to the academic and support staff, heard from the language school and the after school programme, and presented with all the latest statistics. Part of the meeting was a call for nominations to the first school board.

              First parent information meeting at Lolland International School

Here are some other school firsts:

  • First book
  • First student desk and chair
  • First art work
  • First sign
  • First new bathroom
  • And soon, we look forward to welcoming our first student

Foundation Teachers

We are very happy to have welcomed our first two academic staff members who came on board in May, Anne Marsh and Sarah Sandin. These two, very experienced teachers, started early to assist in the development of the teaching programme, purchase learning and teaching resources and plan for the summer programme. You can learn more about Anne and Sarah by following the link below.

The remainder of our staff will commence in August. You will be able to learn more about them in our next newsletter.

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School Stats

Many are curious about what our school will look like and where students are coming from. On our website you can find a snap shot of the key statistics as of June 2021.