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Dear parents and supporters of Lolland International School,


Everyone at Lolland International School was so excited to welcome and begin educating our first group of students. This newsletter will focus on our first month, which saw the completion of the two-week Summer Programme, the historic first day of school, and our grand opening event with guest of honour, HRH Crown Princess Mary. 

Now that we are up and running with students and children in the classrooms, corridors and playground, we have had the opportunity to take some gorgeous photos of these events. Many of these photos are in this newsletter and photographs will form the bulk of the future newsletters, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our school and Lolland as a whole were also featured in the latest issue and special insert of The International. Did you get your copy?

Read the magazine 'The International' online.


Dom Maher


Summer Programme

For two weeks in July, dozens of children attended the LIS Summer Programme. This was a special school holiday, activity programme. It was open to all children from the region and not just those that were starting at LIS after the summer vacation. The programme was a huge success.

Students at the summer programme 
The children had daily language lessons in either Danish or English, together with a variety of activities such as cooking, music and dance. The highlight of each week were the excursions where the children visited Stiftsmuseet, Frilandsmuseet, Guldborgsund Zoo, The Labyrinth and The Medieval Centre. 

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their time and it will be back next summer for more to enjoy.

First Day of School

Lolland International School has been in some form of development for many years. All that planning became a reality on the 9th August 2021 when the first group of students walked through the door.

Fifty-five students spread across the 0-8th Grade came together for the first time at their new school on its first day. These students are an equal mix of local children and children that are new to Denmark. Across the school, 19 different languages are spoken with Danish, English and Dutch being the most common.

Students and parents gathering at first day of school

All the children and their teachers had a positive start and it was wonderful to hear the chatter and laughter of children’s voices in the corridors for the first time. The school currently has a capacity of 100 students and more pupils are set to join in the coming months.

Principal welcomes new students and parents

A special mention should go to the nine 0 Grade students that had their first day of school ever on the first day of school for LIS. We look forward to watching this group grow and learn.

Grand Opening

The 24th August 2021 is recorded as the day of the official opening of Denmark’s first public international school. HRH the Crown Princess was our very special guest of honour. The opening event was attended by 250 invited guests, parents, and students, all of whom enjoyed the wonderful music provided by Lolland Music School, along with many delicious canapés and juices. However, without a doubt, this special event was made all the more special by the presence of Princess Mary. The ribbon to officially open the school was cut by the princess, the mayor of Lolland, the school principal and a student. After the ribbon cutting Her Royal Highness enjoyed a tour of the school where she visited two classes and posed for photographs with the children.

Students and HRH Crown Princess

This event received national wide attention with TV, radio, magazine and newspaper coverage.

Follow this link to see a list of media coverage with many beautiful photographs and images from the opening.

LIS would like to thank everyone that attended and thank all those behind the scenes that helped to make this great day a great success.

School Board

The first school board for Lolland International School has been elected.

As a sign of great parental support and involvement, there were nine candidates interested in sitting on the school board. Therefore, an election was held among our parent body with the following elected to sit on the board followed by the substitute members.

Member of LIS School Board:

  • Annelies van Rheenen- From the Netherlands and a mother to three children, two of which attend LIS.
  • Camilla Blak Due- Camilla is local and has lived abroad when younger. She has a child in the 7th Grade.
  • Candice Progler-Thomsen- Originally from the USA but has had a connection to Denmark since the age of 16. She has two children attending LIS.
  • Per Rasmussen- Recently returned to Denmark after many years abroad with one child at LIS.
  • Puneet Malhotra- Originally from India but has lived in several countries and has a daughter in the 1st Grade.

School Board Substitutes:

  • Natasha Jørgensen- Natascha is Danish with two children, the eldest starting in Grade 0.
  • Charlotte Lund Andreasen- Charlotte is Danish and has two children one attending LIS in the 6th Grade.
  • Rikke Friis- Rikke is Danish and mother of two children with the eldest attending LIS in the 1st Grade.
  • Lene Agergaard- Lene is Danish with an adopted daughter from Vietnam that is in the 7th Grade.

In addition, and another great sign of enthusiasm, an election for the staff representatives was also held. Congratulations to Sarah Sandin and Anja Sapion who were elected to sit on the school board.

New school board members

Over the next few weeks, two student representatives will also be found, bringing the full board to five parents, two staff, and two student representatives.

On the 1st September all the parent members and substitutes will attend a school board training evening to learn about the rules and responsibilities before their first official meeting on the 9th September.

We are very enthusiastic and excited about the collaboration over the coming year.

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