Starting school in 2022?

Small child on first day of school

Enrol for Grade 0: 2022-2023

Enrolment for children that are ready to start school in August 2022 is now open.

Children that are born in 2016 are due to start school in August 2022. Contact the school to get more information and arrange for an enrolment interview. There is only a limited number of spaces available for Grade 0. Please read our Enrolment Policy to see which group your child is in and the criteria on how this is determined.

Places for Grade 0 are offered at any time for Group 1 families after completion of enrolment interview and enrolment form. Places may be offered throughout the year as families move to Denmark for a school start in August 2022.

Offers for a place for children in Group 2 were made in Novemebr 2021 and is now closed.