School to Expand

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Lolland International School! Over the past month, we have warmly welcomed more than 40 new pupils, combine this with our existing students, we have now reached our current capacity. In fact, some classes are exceeding their limit.

As a result, it is time for us to expand. We are delighted to inform you that we have received the green light to create new classes and hire additional staff in preparation for January 2024.

Our plan is that every grade will be its own class. For instance, our current Class C will transform into Grade 3 and Grade 4, each with their own separate classrooms. This means that we will have ten individual classes ranging from Grade 0 to Grade 9. This expansion will not only enhance our ability to deliver the curriculum effectively but also cater to the social needs of our diverse student body.

To accommodate our growing school, we will loan additional classrooms from Maribo Gymnasium and Borgerskolen, ensuring that all our classes remain located on our Maribo campus.

In addition to the new classes and classrooms, we will be employing new teachers, an additional pedagogue, and, in light of our growth, a vice-principal. Some of these educators will begin their roles as soon as possible to help with the upcoming transitions.

Our school was established with the goal of supporting international recruitment for employers in the region. We are proud to say that this goal has been realised, with many of our parents working at prominent companies such as the Vestas, Nordic Sugar, Nykøbing Hospital, Storstrøm Bridge, and the various companies associated with the Fehmarn Tunnel project, to name a few. Furthermore, more new families are on their way, and we want to be fully prepared to welcome them into our school community.

We take immense pride in our school, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition as we enter this exciting phase of growth. Together, we will continue to provide an exceptional learning environment for all our students.