Powerful Art

🎨Children screaming at boomers!🌍
Our amazing Grade 9 students visited Galleri Lolland , where they had the privilege of meeting local artist Pernille Gundersen. 🖼️ Pernille unveiled her captivating series of ten print/collage artworks, each painting a vivid picture of children screaming and shouting out their anger and frustration at the previous generations for the missed opportunities to act on climate change warnings from scientists over the decades.
🗣️ Through this immersive experience, our students gained a deep understanding of how art can be a potent medium for addressing critical societal concerns. At Lolland International School, weaving in the UN sustainable development goals across various subjects is an essential part of our curriculum. Pernille's artwork now stands as an inspiration, motivating our students to creatively express their perspectives on global happenings.
🙌 A special shoutout to Pernille for generously sharing her time and incredible artwork with us. The students not only got a glimpse into the artistic process but also a chance to reflect on the journey from concept to final masterpiece. Thank you for igniting our students' creativity and passion for making a positive impact! ✨🌎