International High School at Maribo Gymnasium

Maribo Gymnasium starts International STX programme

From the school year starting 2024-25, Maribo Gymnasium offers a new field of study, Global Studies. This will be a part of the school's STX education. The programme reflects the growing need and interest in
internationalization among the young students alongside the exciting development in our region. Global
Studies builds on the many good experiences from Lolland International School, with which Maribo
Gymnasium collaborates closely on a daily basis.
Principal at Maribo Gymnasium Michael Levy Bruus states: ”We are very happy that we can offer Global Studies from next school year. In these years, we in Lolland-Falster are experiencing great progress, driven not least by the Femern project. The high demand for labour contributes to a very positive influx of new citizens with a foreign background who need school and education facilities for their children.”
Global Studies is a unique offer with an international focus, which targets both Danish and foreign students.
The Ministry of Children and Education has approved the school's application to offer a field of study as part of the STX programme, which offers a mix of subjects taught approx. 50/50 in Danish and English. The
programme is bilingual. Global Studies is aimed at students with an international background or with a Danish
background who have an international orientation, or who are considering studying abroad, or who are
concerned with global issues or want to strengthen their linguistic and cross-cultural competences. Global
Studies offers Cambridge English to students with a Danish background and extra Danish to student with an
international background. Global Studies gives access to universities both in Denmark and abroad.
Maribo Gymnasium experiences very positive support for Global Studies. Rector Michael Levy Bruus
elaborates: ”I have received positive interest from students and parents alike. Additionally Lolland Municipality and Region Zealand are also supportive, because the international investment that Global Studies represents is in harmony with Lolland Municipality's and Region Zealand's strategic focus on the development of the Femern Belt region in these years. The vision is both to attract new labour and also to contribute to our own local community being better equipped to be part of the growth. With Global Studies, Maribo Gymnasium would like to contribute to the positive growth and internationalization in the region.
For more information about Global Studies please contact:
Head of School Michael Levy Bruus: 50915184