Hands On Science

🐾 Class E received a special delivery of animal organs from a local slaughterhouse to help us understand the workings of respiration up close. We explored lungs, hearts, livers, and kidneys, giving us a unique perspective on the respiratory and excretory systems. 🦴💓

Here's a glimpse of what we've learned through our dissection adventure:

1️⃣ The heart amazed us with its two sides and four chambers—the left and right ventricles and the left and right atriums. ❤️

2️⃣ Comparing textures and thicknesses of organs shed light on the incredible diversity within our bodies. 🧵

3️⃣ We discovered the trachea's clever cartilage protection, ensuring smooth breathing processes. 🫁

4️⃣ The rib cage and diaphragm play crucial roles in aiding respiration while providing essential protection for our lungs and heart. 🏠

5️⃣ Fascinatingly, lung tissue floats in water due to the oxygen trapped within air sacs—what a neat observation! 🌊

6️⃣ Our journey into the excretory system revealed the kidneys' vital role in cleaning the blood and producing urine. 🚰

7️⃣ Last but not least, the liver's function in breaking down nutrients and chemicals in the blood was an eye-opener! 🍽️

We're thrilled to continue this educational adventure, delving deeper into the marvels of the human body. 📚🌟