Sara Sandin

Sara joins Lolland International School from 1st of May as School teacher.

With 13 years in education, Sarah has previously worked in multicultural classrooms in the United States, and Copenhagen International School in Denmark.

“Education is not preparing for life. Education is life itself.” John Dewey.

I believe in the inventors, philosophers, visionaries, and artists of tomorrow, and am therefore, looking forward to working with the students at Lolland International School. We will explore their curiosities, connect their thinking to the outside world, and build their resilience in overcoming their challenges. As a “local” of Lolland-Falster, I am proud to be a part of writing Denmark’s history as we are all a part of the first public international school, as well as a sustainable development plan for Lolland.

Anne Marsh

Anne joins Lolland International School from 1st of May as School teacher.

I arrived in Denmark in 2011 from Great Britain not understanding a word of Danish!  After two years I passed the Prøve i Dansk 3 and after four years wrote my degree in Danish to pass the teaching exam, specialising in English, Music and Religious Studies.  I have worked in a Danish folkeskole for the past five years focusing mainly on teaching music and English to the younger grades, where creating an inclusive atmosphere for all students was the priority.

"I come from an international family, will soon be married to a Dane and am a mother to a Danish/British daughter.  I am truly excited to be a pioneer teacher at Lolland International School.”


Three additional teachers and two pedagogues will be joining us from Augsut 1 st.